Monthly Archives: May 2012

New chickens.


I’m sitting in my mother’s car, waiting for her go get out of an appointment. It’s okay though, because i have some company. Three chickens. I’ll post the full story and pictures later…


thrift store find.

i stopped at Goodwill a couple days ago on a whim, and i’m so glad i did! i was perusing the art section and i found this front and center:

i snapped it up so fast! and the fact that it was $3.99 just added my excitement!

it’s slightly granny, i know. but it’s also beautiful. the amount of work that someone put in to this in astonishing. oh, how i wish that i had the patience to complete something like this.

i definitely want to paint the frame. i’m thinking that it would look good in a charcoal grey semi-gloss. also, there isn’t any glass in the frame so i’m thinking about getting some cut to put in there.

what is your favorite thrift store find?

(sorry for the bad lighting. i was so excited to take the pictures i couldn’t wait for morning!)

Oh, they know they’re cute.


pretty woman outfit inspiration.

i really do try to like that movie. every time that i see it on tv i watch it, hoping that i’ll finally see the appeal… but it never happens. i don’t hate it, i just get bored 🙂

anyway, Pretty Woman was on two nights ago so of course i watched it. i’ve always had a thing for the outfit that Julia Roberts wears to go shopping with Richard Gere about halfway through the movie:


it’s kind of hard to see, but this is the best picture i could get. she’s wearing her blue and white dress with a man’s shirt tied at the waist on top. i couldn’t stop

thinking about wearing something like this, so i put together a little outfit for you:






i’m going to wear this just as soon as it warms up around here!

late night quilting.

unfortunately, my sewing room has been dismantled while we’re moving it into a different room. this means that all of my sewing has to be done downstairs at the kitchen table. setting up the sewing machine, the iron and ironing board, and the cutting mat is definitely a pain, so i don’t sew very often. the other night though, i got some much wanted quilting done.

this is a log cabin pattern that i’ve had stashed in a closet for about a year.  who knows? maybe it will be finished by this time next year 🙂

sorry, but i’ve got to go watch Game of Thones. i have to. i’ll probably save VEEP, Girls, and Mad Men until tomorrow though. why is it that all of the shows that i watch are on Sundays?

we had some fun this evening!

i’m home with the dogs tonight. the sun was just too beautiful to stay in side. we went outside and had some fun running around!

this is our favorite time of year here in the Willamette Valley. Angus (yellow lab) and Oski (black lab) and i love to spend time outside, especially when we can walk around spotting the blossoming roses.

i hope that this glorious weather is reaching you wherever you are!

portrait of otto.

i’m the first to admit that i am a little bit obsessed with my pets. they’re just so darn cute!  a couple months ago, when our eleven year old yellow labrador passed away, i decided to paint a portrait of him from my favorite picture of him.

this was my first portrait, and only my second oil painting. but i was up to the challenge, and i’m happy with the result.

i have this propped up in my bookcases in my bedroom. i was laying in bed with another one of my dogs, Oski, and he recognized Otto in the portrait. he jumped off of my bed and went over to sniff the painting, then realized that it wasn’t Otto. it was simultaneously the saddest and the sweetest thing ever.

i’ve decided to paint portraits of all of our pets on different sized canvases with different background colors.

i hope that this project turns out well. i’m excited to post about each pet portrait as i finish them.