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mom’s quilt.

before i started sewing clothes for myself, i quilted. i’ve been quilting for years, and i have completed many machine and hand-quilted quilts which i love to use on my bed or on the couch. recently, though, my mother has been stealing them to use on her and my dad’s bed. while i don’t mind sharing, i thought that i would make them a quick quilt of their own.

sorry for the shadowy pictures. i was drying the quilt on our laundry line so it was just really easy to snap a few pictures.

this quilt literally took me two nights. there are 16 large blocks which are layered with cotton batting and a vintage sheet for a back.

i went in to my quilting fabric stash and used only what i had. instead of quilting or tying the quilt, i made little machine ties with green thread. these will be more durable than had i used cotton floss to tie the quilt. and they were fun!

here’s a picture of the backing. i think it turned out pretty well, and it will be a perfect cover for my parents’ bed to protect it from dog fur!





Favorite socks!


Hello all! Just thought i’d let you all know that my absolute favorite socks are in stock at kmart. They’re 2 for $5 and they’re so soft! And i love the lilac combined with a red stripe!



first pair of clovers.

Imagecheck out my new clovers! i kind of love them… obviously, i used the infamous Clover Pant pattern from Colette Patterns. it’s a great pattern as it is, but i knew that i would love it even more using Sallieoh’s tutorial to create front pockets and a front fly.

Imagei didn’t do any modifications to the pattern as these were supposed to be my muslin. i think that they fit pretty well, but i need to do some work on the waistband. it’s a little too tight so i’ll probably grade up next time.

i went to Joann’s hoping to find some cotton twill with some lycra in it, but the best i could find also had a fair amount of polyester in it. wanting to start this project ASAP, i got the cotton/poly/lycra blend and got to work. i don’t love the fabric, but it’s a good color and i think that i will get a lot of wear out of these pants in the fall.

Imagemy sister Ruby and her boyfriend Jeremy came over for dinner last night, so i threw these on with my favorite black tank top and my beloved JCrew leather wedges. seriously, these things are so comfortable and go with EVERYTHING.

Imagei’m also wearing my new-ish arrow necklace that i got from Urban Outfitters, which isn’t surprising because i pretty much wear it with everything.

Imagei’ll definitely make these pants again. i’ve already ordered some cotton/lycra from Denver Fabrics (hint: they’re offering 15% everything for the next week!) in black and rust.


i’ve ordered jersey fabric from Girl Charlee a few times now, and i’m really impressed with their selection and quality. they have so many beautiful knits! a few weeks ago, my mom asked me to make her some shirts from some fabrics that she had picked out at Girl Charlee. for my payment, she bought me some yardage!

this is a really simple top. i cut it out a couple sizes too big with the intention of it being loose and flowy. but after sewing it up, i tried it on and it just seemed too overpowering. i grabbed some 1/4 inch elastic and sewed it on the inside at my waist. the elastic is a larger than my waist though, so it doesn’t really fit right.

nevertheless, i really love this shirt. i throw it on over dark skinnies and wear my favorite JCrew leather wedges. it’s really comfortable and super flattering, especially from the side!

just a side note: it cracks me up to see how different the color on my walls looks in each photo. the color is dried basil from Behr Ultra. the way that it seems to change from grey to dark sage to moss green was the reason i fell in love with it!




outfit post #1

hello! i did a little photo shoot with myself today. i’m so happy to be able to use my mom’s tripod and remote with my camera. i don’t think that i would be able to keep a straight face if someone was taking my pictures for me!

i made this dolman shirt last night using this tutorial from Merrick over at Merrick’s Art. i love this shirt! i’ll probably make a few more before fall…

in other news, i have an appointment with my hair dresser on thursday to make a major change. try and stop me! my hair is just so long, and i’m getting bored. i’m sure i’ll be posting pictures soon after!


hope everyone is doing well!



i’m back. again…

Imageso this is the part where i sheepishly avoid eye contact and admit that i was wrong. so much for that last post saying i was back for good! 

like i said, this blog is a great creative outlet for me. but in the past couple months, i have discovered a new hobby/passion/thing that takes up all of my time and brainpower. i have been sewing my own clothes. 

ever since i learned how to sew years ago, i’ve tried the occasional dress pattern, but i was never very interested in sewing clothes. i was more passionate about quilting. lately, though, i’ve been sewing like crazy. 

so here’s my plan. i’m going to start documenting my outfits. especially ones that feature something that i have made. i hope that anyone out there reading this is as excited as i am! i’m sure you are… haha

okay! here we go!