mom’s quilt.

before i started sewing clothes for myself, i quilted. i’ve been quilting for years, and i have completed many machine and hand-quilted quilts which i love to use on my bed or on the couch. recently, though, my mother has been stealing them to use on her and my dad’s bed. while i don’t mind sharing, i thought that i would make them a quick quilt of their own.

sorry for the shadowy pictures. i was drying the quilt on our laundry line so it was just really easy to snap a few pictures.

this quilt literally took me two nights. there are 16 large blocks which are layered with cotton batting and a vintage sheet for a back.

i went in to my quilting fabric stash and used only what i had. instead of quilting or tying the quilt, i made little machine ties with green thread. these will be more durable than had i used cotton floss to tie the quilt. and they were fun!

here’s a picture of the backing. i think it turned out pretty well, and it will be a perfect cover for my parents’ bed to protect it from dog fur!





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