fall wardrobe.

i still haven’t gotten my serger back from the shop, so i still haven’t been doing any sewing. BUT, here is my list of projects that i hope to have completed this fall:

Colette Clovers x2- i have ordered black and rust stretch cotton twill to make these. i can’t decide if i want to follow sallieoh’s tutorial on constructing a front fly again or if i want to sew them like the pattern says, with a side zip.

jersey sleeveless tops- white, charcoal grey and mustard jersey fabrics are just waiting to be turned in to simple flowy tops to go with everthing.

black skirt- i have some black georgette that i plan to line and make a simple skirt to wear with tights and boots.

jorinde blazer x2- i have some grey wool suiting and navy gabardine for this project. i’ll try it out with the navy gab first, and if all goes well i’ll be making it again in the grey.

shirts- i need button down shirts. i need them. i think that i’ve found a pattern that i want to use, but i haven’t bought any fabric yet.

urban outfitters copycat sweater- i’m designing a sweater  based off of this sweater. i’m using charcoal grey cascade 220 and it’s coming along quickly!


there will probably be many more things sewn and knit. i’ll post pictures as i complete things!


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