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ombre shirt diy.

okay, i hate to be a complainer, but my allergies are really bad this year. i really belong in the Allergy Pride Parade ๐Ÿ™‚ the other night, i was having an allergy attack, and i was hot and uncomfortable. i needed to wear a sleeveless shirt, but i couldn’t imagine being comfortable in a tight tank top. since i didn’t have any loose sleeveless shirts, i decided to make one…

i call it my Dobby shirt because it reminds me of the little dress that ย the house elf wears in the Harry Potter movies (i’m a nerd, okay?) i grabbed a really large white t-shirt from our pile of clothes to donate to Goodwill. i cut off the sleeves and neckband, and made it into a racerback tank. i whipped out the sewing machine and took the sides in about 5 inches on each side so that it wasn’t TOO huge. the whole project took less than 10 minutes. it wasn’t the cutest shirt, but damn was it is comfortable. it really hit the spot!

i decided that it needed a little bit of an update appearance wise, so i grabbed a pack of fabric dye and got to dying!

here’s the shirt before dying.

i filled a plastic tub with warm water. i also spread out a garbage bag on the counter to protect my work surface from the dye.

i measured four tablespoons of salt, like the package of my dye instructed,

and i dissolved it in the water.

since my shirt was clean, i just ran it under warm water and squeezed it out.

i grabbed some gloves to keep my hands from turning pink…

and poured in the dye! i used Dylon in flamingo pink. i started with about half of the package so that it would create a lighter pink for the top of the shirt.

i dipped the entire shirt into the dye and took it out very quickly. i wanted the shirt to range from a very light pink to a darker pink. i squeezed out the excess dye. then i held the shirt by the straps and continued to dip it in, each time dipping less and less. about half way through i added the rest of the dye. since my hands were covered in dye, i wasn’t able to take pictures of this process. when i was satisfied with the effect, i squeezed out the excess dye and headed to the laundry room sink.

i rinsed the shirt until the water ran clean, then i hand washed it in Woolite.

then i threw it in the dryer with a couple beach towels.

now my Dobby shirt is a little bit cuter! i loved this project, and i’m itching to dye more clothes!

i hope you try this out! i’d love to see pictures of your projects ๐Ÿ™‚


flower pot diy.

i made this pot a few months ago to house my new cactus. isn’t it the cutest little polka dotted cactus? the project was really simple. i’ll show you how!

what you’ll need: a terra cotta pot and saucer, a small amount of semi-gloss paint (i used Behr from Home Depot), Rustoleum Metallic spray paint in brass, masking tape, and a paint brush

paint the bottom portion of the pot with the semi-gloss paint. it took me two coats with drying time in between to get a nice, thick coating. allow to dry completely.

use the masking tape to tape off all of the places that you don’t want to paint brass. i left a thin stripe showing where the semi-gloss paint ended. and i forgot to take a picture of this step… oops!

spray your pot! i went outside for this part. it might take a few coats with drying time in between before you’re happy with it.

interrupt a fight between two of your cats.


peel of the masking tape to reveal your finished pot! all that this needs now is a polka dotted cactus!

i’m home with my mom today. we’ll probably do some painting since it’s been a while since we’ve done that. have a great day!