i’ve ordered jersey fabric from Girl Charlee a few times now, and i’m really impressed with their selection and quality. they have so many beautiful knits! a few weeks ago, my mom asked me to make her some shirts from some fabrics that she had picked out at Girl Charlee. for my payment, she bought me some yardage!

this is a really simple top. i cut it out a couple sizes too big with the intention of it being loose and flowy. but after sewing it up, i tried it on and it just seemed too overpowering. i grabbed some 1/4 inch elastic and sewed it on the inside at my waist. the elastic is a larger than my waist though, so it doesn’t really fit right.

nevertheless, i really love this shirt. i throw it on over dark skinnies and wear my favorite JCrew leather wedges. it’s really comfortable and super flattering, especially from the side!

just a side note: it cracks me up to see how different the color on my walls looks in each photo. the color is dried basil from Behr Ultra. the way that it seems to change from grey to dark sage to moss green was the reason i fell in love with it!





outfit post #1

hello! i did a little photo shoot with myself today. i’m so happy to be able to use my mom’s tripod and remote with my camera. i don’t think that i would be able to keep a straight face if someone was taking my pictures for me!

i made this dolman shirt last night using this tutorial from Merrick over at Merrick’s Art. i love this shirt! i’ll probably make a few more before fall…

in other news, i have an appointment with my hair dresser on thursday to make a major change. try and stop me! my hair is just so long, and i’m getting bored. i’m sure i’ll be posting pictures soon after!


hope everyone is doing well!



i’m back. again…

Imageso this is the part where i sheepishly avoid eye contact and admit that i was wrong. so much for that last post saying i was back for good! 

like i said, this blog is a great creative outlet for me. but in the past couple months, i have discovered a new hobby/passion/thing that takes up all of my time and brainpower. i have been sewing my own clothes. 

ever since i learned how to sew years ago, i’ve tried the occasional dress pattern, but i was never very interested in sewing clothes. i was more passionate about quilting. lately, though, i’ve been sewing like crazy. 

so here’s my plan. i’m going to start documenting my outfits. especially ones that feature something that i have made. i hope that anyone out there reading this is as excited as i am! i’m sure you are… haha

okay! here we go!

working hard.


for the past few weeks, i’ve been busy making things. lots of things. it distracts me from the frustration of not having a job. here’s what i’ve been doing:

knitting socks. i’m on my third pair and i’m not slowing down. i got a hint over at one of my favorite blogs, Grainline, about this yarn from Knit Picks. it’s so soft, and i love that it’s sport weight because i like thick socks! more pictures to come.

sewing shirts. i’ve been sewing a lot of shirts lately, five Sorbetto shirts from Colette Patterns and two of my own design. pictures soon!

crocheting. i made a granny square quilt for my sister Ruby’s birthday. i had a huge pile of wool acrylic blend yarn from years ago, so i used this project to use up some of the yarn. and the fact that it is washable made it perfect for Ruby. i’ll try to get a picture from her to show you as i’ve already given it to her.

quilting. i’m still in the process of hand quilting a lap quilt for a certain someone’s birthday.

i’m planning on getting pictures of all of these projects soon, but i need someone to help me. i can’t take pictures of myself!

I’m back!


It’s been a while since i posted last. A long while. And i’m feeling really guilty about it. Mainly because i was having such a good time posting everyday, and this blog was an exciting creative outlet for me. not that i’m trying to make excuses (or maybe i am…), but things have been pretty crazy for me. My cat injured her eye in a cat fight and i had to play nurse to her for a week. Getting an outdoor cat to use a litterbox is no small feat… i’ve also been considering a major change in my future. More on that later. Anyway, i’m glad to be back and i’m excited to share a lot of things that have been going on around here!

margaritas and guacamole.

hello! it’s been a while since i’ve posted… and i don’t really have an excuse… forgive me!

it’s gotten a little crazy around here… everyone comes home at a different time. i’ve been making tortilla chips and guacamole (or guaca-salsa as my mom likes to call it, much to my chagrin) for dinner a lot. and of course you can’t have chips and guacamole without margaritas! here are my recipes:


chop up a handful of cilantro and add to a small bowl. add about a quarter of a red onion diced fine, a pinch of kosher salt and two cloves of garlic minced. juice a lime into the bowl and add a splash of red wine vinegar. cube up three-four avocados and add to the bowl, smashing them with a spoon or fork. then add two to three tomatoes diced fine. mix it up and taste!


preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. spray a few baking pans with canola oil. cut some corn tortillas into wedges and arrange on the baking pans. spray the wedges lightly with oil. sprinkle lightly with salt. bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown and crispy.

Margaritas (makes one):

in a shaker, juice one lime. add 1 1/2 ounces of tequila, 1/2 ounce ounce triple sec, 1/2 ounce water, and two Splendas. add a handful of ice and shake. rub the rim of a glass with a lime and dip in salt. add some ice to the class and strain the alcohol mixture. enjoy!

the girls.

you may remember that a few days ago, i was sitting in a car full of chickens. here is the story:

my family has had egg laying chickens for over ten years. we love the eggs that they provide, and they are great pets. tragically, a raccoon somehow got into out chicken yard and killed four out of our six hens. the worst part was that it didn’t even eat them. it just killed them and left them. it was a hard couple of days for us, and we all felt really bad for the two surviving girls. since then, my mother has been trying to find a place to purchase young chickens. we didn’t want to raise chicks at this time, so she was searching for already laying chickens. a colleague of my father’s just so happened to have around thirty chickens, and offered him some. he said that he would appreciate it, but they hadn’t made any plans to exchange the chickens. well, the next morning, my dad got an email from this colleague saying that she had placed three hens in a crate in the back of his truck… surprise! so it was my job to drop off my mother at her appointment and then use her car to go rescue the hens from the parking lot because my car is too small. and that’s how i ended up in a car full of chickens!

so welcome to the new girls!